HackFest 2018 - RUSH
HackFest is the annual programming competition at KansasFest. Essentially, the rules of HackFest are: write code and/or hack some hardward — you get 4 days and it has to involve an unmodified apple II platform. My entry was a game based on the iPhone RUSH app written partly in Applesoft BASIC and mostly in 6502 Assembly. My IDE was Notepad (editor), AppleWin (emulator/debugger), and EdAsm (assembler).

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BASIC code    

  • Download links
    • zipped DSK DOS 3.3 disk image
    • Applesoft BASIC code as a TXT file
    • Assembly code as a TXT file
I presented my entry to the judges on Saturday along with the other contestants. You can watch a YouTube video of it. Late in the afternoon, after Vendor Fair, the judges announced the results. I won first place. My prize was a 65C816->65C02 board. This was my 4th HackFest. My first was 2014. As far as assembly code goes, I've written routines in the past, like the routine used by the memory testing utility that identifies the kind of apple the code is running on.