apple II 120vAC control v1.0
This 8-outlet, relay controlled, custom power-strip, lets you to turn 120v AC devices On and Off using the four annunciator outputs of the apple II game port (with a little help from our Game Port Interface Board). We demonstrated this control box on Friday, July 21 at KansasFest - see the video at You can see how the box works through the clear plexiglass. Yes, we used 5v DC relays to isolate the 120v AC from the apple. So, no 'oops' on the power side will have an adverse effect on your vintage apple hardware.

FULL DISCLOSURE: we tested the 120vAC box on a IIgs, Platinum //e and //e - all tests worked fine with the supplied 5 ft, 10-conductor flat ribbon cable. Thanks to Vince Briel, our tests with a ][+ demontrated that we needed to 'quiet' the signals, so, we recommend putting the ribbon cable through a ferrite toroid — see images below.
We can supply a 29mm O.D. toroid if you let us know you'll be using the 120vAC box with a ][+

Top View
Bottom View

available with different colored 3D printed supports
Raspberry Red Hunter Green
Midnight Blue Bubble Gum Pink